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Multimedia Creation Resources: Online Training

This guide provides students, faculty and staff with quick access to multimedia resources that they can use for creating multimedia, this includes media, as well as learning resources to help learn how to produce multimedia and use multimedia software.

Featured Courses

Graphic Design

Illustrator CC One-on-One: Fundamentals
Introduces the basic features of Illustrator CC: sizing and arranging artboards; accessing panels, menus, and tools; and creating your first illustrations with line art, shapes, and type.

Photoshop CC Essential Training
Master the fundamentals of Photoshop, Bridge, and Camera Raw and make your digital images look their best.


Video Production

Up and Running with Encore CS6
Demonstrates how to build customized DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and Flash-based DVDs in Encore CS6.

Premiere Pro CC Essential Training
Learn how to professionally edit video in Premiere Pro with techniques the experts use.

Other Popular Courses

Student Tools

33 Student Tools courses · 1,871 video tutorials
Students must know how to use tools like Excel and Word, be comfortable on both Mac and Windows, and effectively manage their projects and time in order to succeed academically and in their future careers. Get a head start here and get the digital skillset you need to support your studies.

Microsoft Office

Office for Students
Teaches students the basics of using Office for assignments, presentations, email, time management, and more.

Word 2013 Essential Training
Teaches you the basics of working with documents in Word 2013, from creating and editing to formatting text.

Word 2013 Power Shortcuts
Unlock the full capabilities of Word 2013 with expert tips, tricks, and shortcuts.

Powerpoint 2013 Essential Training
Teaches the basics of creating, editing, and sharing presentations with PowerPoint 2013.

Powerpoint 2013 Power Shortcuts 
Discover the power shortcuts the pros use to navigate PowerPoint 2010 with ease, customize views, work with text, format slides, and publish your final presentation.

Google Apps

Google Apps for Students
Discover how to use Google Apps to become more productive in class and after school.


Moodle Essential Training for Students
A step-by-step course through a typical Moodle course for students, including how to post materials and chat with other students.