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Series Intro What kind of right is copyright?

What kind of property is copyright? What works does copyright protect?

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Classroom teaching and copyright 
January 17, 2018
Options for meeting mandated OA
November 11, 2017

Do you use images from the Internet in your lecture slides or Moodle postings? Do video, film, or music clips sometimes figure prominently in your classes? Unsure when copyright permission is needed in classroom settings such as these? This session covered how to assess whether permission is needed as well as where you can access copyright-cleared audio-visual content.

Classroom teaching and copyright Handout

If you hold a Tri-Council or other research award requiring you to publish your findings in an open access (OA) venue, do you know what your options are?  They can be confusing, as some reputable publishers charge OA author publication fees, while others embargo open access to your accepted manuscript for a period after publication.  This session looked at tools and approaches to help you identify credible options to meet mandated OA.

Options for meeting mandated OA Handout
Open access publishers: Shady? Trustworthy? How can you tell?
October 19, 2017
Copyright & your courses: Copies, links,clips? 
September 14, 2017

Despite what you may have heard, it is not the case that all open access publishing paths are paved with “predatory” publishers. But what kinds of practices are considered to be predatory, and how can you tell predatory and reputable publishers apart?  In this session we explored some answers and looked at tools that can help you evaluate the trustworthiness of OA publisher practices.

Open Access Publishers: Shady? Trustworthy? How Can you tell? Handout

Are you uncertain about what materials you can distribute in courses or workshops or post to Moodle without contravening copyright? Do you have examples of copyrighted items you would like to copy, distribute, or perform in an instructional setting but want to know if you are permitted to do so?  In this session, participants shared their copyright questions and gleaned tips on how to evaluate the copyright and permission status of teaching materials.

Copyright & Your Courses Handout
Copyright and conference presentations
April 7, 2017
Demystifying Creative Commons Licensing and the Public Domain
March 8, 2017

Have you ever wondered about your copyrights and responsibilities as an academic conference presenter or organizer?  In this session we explored these issues and considered some things you should know within Canadian copyright law.  We also noted that the copyright laws of other countries may be different if you are involved in an international conference.  

Copyright and Conference Presentations Handout

What is Creative Commons (CC) licensing? How can it protect your copyrighted works and make them broadly available for public use? What uses can you make of CC-licensed works? Is CC-licensing the same as putting your works in the public domain? In this session we discussed these questions and aimed to tease out some answers.

Demystifying Creative Commons Licensing and the Public Domain Handout
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