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Native American Studies : General Library Resources for all NAS courses

Resources that are useful for any course in Native American Studies supplemented by resources that support specific courses.


Canadian Primary Resources from the Library and Archives Canada (LAC)

Below you will find links to several resources provided by LAC

The first link is to a general page providing guidance on the use of resources.

The second link is to a description of the famous Red and Black series. It was not until 1872, with the introduction of a straight numeric filing system, that it can be said that the Department of Indian Affairs (DIA) adopted a central registry filing system. Other government departments, such as the Department of the Interior, adopted the same record-keeping system around the early 1870s. The system at DIA, which applied exclusively to incoming and outgoing correspondence at headquarters, came to be known as the 'Red and Black Series.' These terms were based on the color of the leather letter books used by the records office to distinguish between eastern and western Canadian correspondence.

The third link will take the user directly to the search page of the Red and Black series database.

The fourth link is to the broader archive within which the Red and Black series exists, it is known as Record Group (RG) 10. The records found in RG 10 contain the historical records relating to Indian Affairs created by the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development and its predecessors. They include files, correspondence, letters, and transcripts on all aspects of Indian administration for both headquarters and the field offices.

The fifth link will take the user to a separate search page that serves as a discovery tool for entire Archive. The "Online Research by Topic" tab at the top should be used to limit the search to "Aboriginal Heritage".

The final link is to the catalog entry of the available microfilms of the RG 10 the Library has in its collection.